Here Are 4 Workouts Everyone Can Do At Home

Summer is on its way and that means it is time to work on that super summer bod and the coronavirus is not going to get in your way! No way! Because we are about to teach you how to get a great workout in your own home.

1.      Utilize push up progressions/regressions!

a.      The push up can be made easier or harder by performing them at an incline or a decline.

b.      If you do a pushup with your hands on an elevated surface, like a couch or countertop, push-ups become easier.

c.      If you elevate your feet and put your hands on a declined surface, ie feet on the couch, hands-on floor, you make push-ups harder.

d.       Do 3 sets of 10-20 push-ups either on the floor, elevated, or declined, for an awesome pushing challenge.

2.      Utilize water jugs and books as weights!

a.      With books and water jugs, you can add external resistance to perform moves you have already memorized with dumbbells, such as curls, triceps extensions, goblet squats, and shoulder presses. The heavier the better, find a weight that challenges you and work your whole body with squats, rows, curls, extensions, and should presses! Do three rounds of as many reps as you can complete each exercise with good form!

3.      Get your Squat On!

a.      Like the push up the squat can be progressed or regressed. To regress a squat and make it easier, just do seated squats. This is as simple as sitting down and standing up. Give me 3 sets of 10-20!

b.      If that didn’t feel difficult then perform bodyweight squats, lets do 20!

c.      If that is too easy for you, grab a backpack and fill it with books and give me 20 backpack air squats.

d.      Still, need more challenge? Then perform Bulgarian split squats, put one leg on a sofa and squat with the other leg for 10 reps. Use a pole or wall to balance if you need to and be careful.

e.      Squat 3-5 sets of 10-20 reps until your legs feel fried!

4.     Abs time!

a.      Get those abs firing by holding a plank for one minute, you can use a pillow to cushion your elbows if you don’t like a hard floor.

b.      Turn around and lay onto your back, tuck your pelvis forward, and do 10-20 leg raises! Make it easier by bending the knees and harder by keeping those legs straight.

c.      Now, while still on the floor, straighten your arms and legs out for a hollow hold! Hold for 20-60 seconds.

d.      Repeat these three exercises three times for a no-equipment ab workout. Finish by doing the yoga cobra stretch to keep those abs nice and loose.

There you have it! Awesome home workout options for you! If you need help doing this workout or finding the motivation, our trainers are happy to train you via skype for 30 minutes or 55-minute sessions. This is a viable training option until we’ve stopped the spread. Until then, let’s keep transforming into our dream selves!

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