Moxy Socks for Deadlifts, Weight Loss, and Fitness

Moxy Socks – Introduction

Moxy socks have been my trusted friend on my deadlift, weight loss, and fitness journey.

If you are a regular reader, you know that the ‘simple’ deadlift changed my life.

The least I can do is give you one simple product tip I wish I knew about that is essential for deadlifting.

You might not need to lose weight or fight depression, but if you deadlift, you need shin protection, especially when you are a beginner.

When I first started to deadlift, I was killing my shins, and that is one painful injury!

Scraping your shins up every time you deadlift makes progress difficult, if not impossible.

And it sucks all the joy out of your deadlift workout.

How I Found the Deadlift

When I first walked into the free weight area of the YMCA on 48th street and 3rd avenue in New York City, I was completely intimidated.

I never dreamed of deadlifting.

That idea was impossible for many reasons:

  1. To start – what is a deadlift? – I had no clue!
  2. The idea of lifting any amount of weight on a barbell at the age of 55 seemed insanely dangerous
  3. Particularly because I had pulled out my back closing the door of my apartment just a few years before that.
  4. Yes, I closed the door, and immediately almost collapsed from back pain.
  5. I never had back pain in the past, but after the age of 50, things changed.
  6. I was also anxious about doing anything where I had to bend my knees because I have a tear of my left meniscus.
  7. That tear made it difficult for me to walk at all for a long period till I finally got a cortisone shot
  8. Last but not least, I was too obese to bend down anyway

So, I Just Looked Around the Free Weight Area and Left!

In those days, I mainly went to the Y to swim.

Don’t get me wrong, I love swimming, and it can also help with weight loss and boosting your mood.

But nothing changed me so dramatically until I changed the quality of my food and started to deadlift after I lost some weight.

If you also need to lose some weight, this free guide on how to lose 20 pounds in 3 months will set you on the right course.

After I lost an initial 20 or 30 pounds, I started to deadlift.

I was terrified of hurting my back and knees.

But, I had no idea how painful hurting my shins would be.

It did not take long as a deadlift beginner to find out.

Soon, my shins were killing me and suddenly I was not just worried about my back and knees.

Moxy Socks to the Rescue

I started to search online for ideas on how to protect my shins while deadlifting.

I quickly learned that shin scraping is a very common side effect of doing deadlifts.

Of course, an advanced deadlifter might not have to wear any shin protection if he or she has perfect deadlift form.

But a fitness apprentice like myself was just learning.

And I was grateful every day I deadlifted and did not break something.

Friends and neighbors thought this is just crazy, how can you lift a barbell with weight.

“Aren’t you concerned you will hurt yourself?” they scolded me.

I could not explain the amazing benefits of deadlifts which I experienced myself.

They did not want to hear it.

Deadlifts were completely off their radar.

But the deadlift helped me:

But my shins were killing me!

I searched online for deadlift socks and found the Moxy Socks website.

Moxy Socks Description

The description of their deadlift socks said:

Moxy Socks makes socks for the serious performance fitness community.

The difference in our socks lies in quality – every person we know loves them.

Our knee-highs wrap around the calves provide compression and we typically use ventilated mesh around the foot, which refreshingly allows your foot to breathe.

Additional padding on the shins is a welcome feature for deadlifting, powerlifters, and soccer.

Exclusively made in a small factory in Southern California, USA, we develop the most durable, stylish, fun, and creative socks on the planet.”

These were not just some plain jane socks.

There were Moxy bird leg socks, and other cool deadlift socks, which can probably be worn best by someone who lifts heavy (unlike me).

And many other colorful and striking socks, wild designs that raise a few eyebrows!

They even have Moxy socks which have the maple leaf of Canada and many other logos.

Who would have known?

I knew I needed knee-high socks for three reasons:

  • keep my knees warm because of a torn medial meniscus in my left knee
  • protect my shins from getting banged up during the deadlift
  • help me focus on better form, and not protecting my shins

APex Signature Moxy Deadlift Socks

So, I started off with a pair of The APeX signature Moxy Deadlift Socks to protect my shins which definitely helped – a lot.

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