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amazing socks

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AiRFLeX Crew Red

Victory Up! Meet our AiRFLeX performance crew socks! The fine performance features of this sock separate it from all others. Featuring an arrow up the back, this crew sock exemplifies performance: our Moxy Performance foot, a Colored Mesh Top, and unmatched comfort. These performance crew socks will work wonders at the gym, cycling, hiking, running, or any rugged activity. Comparable to Nike Elite and Moxy Socks’ performance APeX Socks. 4 Color ways.

$12.00 $5.00

Guadalupe Crew

LA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE!!!! She’s Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of Mexico, the Patroness of the Americas, and she is both a huge religious and Mexican Folklore symbol, and now she’s on a SOCK!! This kitsch design becomes cool and culturally relevant on the trendiest streets of Los Angeles, but this saint is completely revered all over the world!! You will love her on the side of your calf. Comes standard with all the Moxy Performance features, our Guadalupe crew socks will kill it! Unisex Adult, One Size Fits All.


Aztec Lightning Crew Red/Cyan

AZTEC LIGHTNING!!! Native patterns look wicked especially in flashy, bright colors!! These classic american crew socks showcase a dazzling design and two color combinations to choose from! Wow your friends and family with these unique, one of a kind, grade A performance crew socks. Perfect for exercise, fitness, crossfit, or any sporting event!


Skinny Stripes

Skinny Stripes! These Black and White skinny stripe Dress crew socks will feel fantastic at the office, or anywhere comfort applies! Finely woven with high needle counts and the best Moxy Socks performance features, these crew socks will last, breath free, and feel comfortable for a long time. Black with white, Unisex Adult size.


Illuminati Eye

BEWARE of the EVIL EYE! This sock has a strange population, Evil Eyes reminiscent of the Illuminati all over the sock. Made in mind with performance in mind, these premium crew socks will last for a long time, remain durable, and will stretch. Black with White, Unisex Adult Size.


Dead Rudolph

Dead Rudolph!!! We put a deceased rendition of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer on a premium crew sock! Check out all the snowflakes and rad snowflakes on these grim babies. Ideal for Skateboarding, sports apparel, street wear, and fashion. Black and white. Unisex Adult size.


FedUp Crew

Are you FedUp? Tired of early Monday mornings, crazy conference calls, and are no longer willing to take any more crap? Then these babies are for you! Be incognito with your “FedUp-ness” underneath clothing or wave it proudly on the side of a custom woven, performance-driven Moxy Crew sock! Of course, coming with all the Moxy Performance Crew features; reciprocated heel and toe, ventilator mesh top, and Moxy Performance Foot! Perfect for skaters, deadlifters, crossfitters.


Triple Stripe Crew Black/Gray

Triple Stripes! These form meets functional, performance crew socks have a unique and simple design. From the top down, we have 3 black stripes, lowering down to the Moxy Performance Foot, and ventilator mesh. Complete with all the breathability and durable performance features, these performance Crew socks Perfect for running/exercising at night with a heavy neon glow. Comparable to Nike Elite. Use for running, cycling, fitness, crossfit, exercise, and heavy lifting. 6 colors.


Texas Lonestar Crew Black

Everything is bigger in Texas!!! That includes the Moxy quality thousands of people have enjoyed and loved. These Texas Lonestar socks run with top-notch quality and sport the Texas State in American Colors. Made in USA with the highest quality and performance features, if there are any Texas crew socks you should wear, it is ours!


Foundry Forged Crew

FOUNDRY FORGED!!! Check out these kick ass Forged Knee-highs! A Steel pouring bucket dripping hot magma lava into the bottom of the foot, held by chains of pure, raw strength and steel!! These socks represents strength, endurance, and pure unadulterated raw quality! Complete with the Moxy Performance foot, and all the standard performance features, these socks will be a hit at the gym, a spartan race, a mudrun, or probably anywhere you go!