Come and Take It 3-Pack


Come and Take It 3-Pack


The Come and Take it Pack!!! These socks are tough Americana-inspired strong pieces of durable premium black crew socks! Starting with the Molon Labe Black crew, featuring a Spartan race head and the iconic Molon Labe lettering. Then we have the Assault rifle crew, sporting an AR-15 down the side of a streetwear crew sock. Lastly, we have one of our best-sellers, the Don’t Tread on Me Crew socks bolstering the iconic yellow snake of the historical Gasdsen Flag! These are an American Patriot’s biggest dream and a perfect gift. 3 Pack, Black. Unisex Adult Size.

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Colors: Black/ Yellow, Black/ White, Black/ Grey

Style: Crew

Size: Unisex


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