The APeX Deadlift Black/Psychedelic

The APeX Deadlift Black/Psychedelic


Featuring high-end performance features, the signature Moxy Deadlift Socks specifically protect the shins of intense deadlifters. Witness the area of red slats which contain a significant amount of padding to protect your shins. Also check out the grey ventilation lines allowing for breathing during your intense WOD. Our Moxy Socks are specifically designed to generate the most power and enhance YOUR performance. Lastly with patented arch support, heel protection, and a ventilator mesh top these APeX Socks are the most cutting edge on the market. Perfect for Deadlifts, Rope Climbs, Box Jumps, and Motocross. Comes in Black body, with color variations.

  • Side Ventilation marked by gray line
  • Deadlift Cushion Padding
  • MOXY Compression
  • Achilles Heel and Sole Protection
  • Ventilator Mesh Top
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