Trump Patriot American Crew 3-Pack

Trump Patriot American Crew 3-Pack


Become an American Patriot today!!! This Moxy Socks 3-Pack is sure to wow and awe-strike anyone in your life, featuring 3 Majorly patriotic American Freedom socks!!! We have the “Don’t Tread on Me” socks capturing the Gadsden Flag popping out on a Black crew sock, followed by the American Flag Trump Socks in support of the Republican nominee, and lastly a pair featuring an M16 Assault Rifle. Of course, our MADE IN USA socks come with all the enhanced performance features, but in this pack you will save extra money! Multi-Colored Pack, One Size Fits All Unisex.

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Color: Black/ Yellow

Color: American Flag

Color: Black/ White

Style: Crew

Size: Unisex


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