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vaporwave aesthetic macintosh plus moxy socks right

Vaporwave Aesthetic Crew

These socks are the A E S T H E T I C of Vaporwave! Taking the artwork from the popular Macintosh Plus vaporwave song, plus adding SYMMETRY with a checkerboard all over the sock in black and pink. Sip your Arizona Iced Tea and chill out to some vaporwave wearing these hilarious and fun custom woven crew socks. Unisex Adult Size. For those unaware, Vaporwave is an internet based aesthetic and musical genre made famous by memes on the internet. It appeals to nostalgia by slowing down 80’s hits and jazz songs and creating the ultimate aesthetic, combing classical art pieces, 80’s neon colors, fiji water, and nostalgic fonts. Bring the best of memes to any millennial or young person!



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2" Cuff, Dress Style, Mid-Calf Crew




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